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Engage. Retain. Transform.

Increase revenue by improving retention with artificial intelligence and behavioral science

Much more than a simple message

Movva is an ed-tech company that develops student success solutions based on behavioral sciences and artificial intelligence. We diagnose components that can lead to evasion and talk with students individually and empathetically—but also using AI to effectively scale up, directly increasing the retention rate and revenue of the institution of higher education.

We work to make your institution successful in:

Recover revenue

Retaining first-year students

Engaging students

Personalizing communication with students

Motivation throughout the university journey

Student's sense of belonging

Where Movva operates:

Colleges and Universities

University Centers

Preparatory Courses

Technical Courses

E-learning Courses

Intelligent solutions along the students' journey

Nossos Clientes

Movva supports educational institutions to:

Recover revenue

Simule o valor substancial perdido com a evasão e recupere com a Movva

Refine communication

Talk to all your students in ways that are not only empathetic, but also automated and efficient .

Strengthen connection

Engage your students even more by making them feel supported by the institution.

Academic Partners