Nudge[sm] 1. a small action that encourages someone to change behavior. 2. encouragement towards the right choice.

Nudges are positive reinforcementsthat suggest behavior and encourage choices that promote behavior change. Bots, in turn, are computer programs created to perform repetitive and automated tasks.

Nudgebots were inspired by the theory developed by Richard Thaler— Nobel Prize in Economics, 2017 —, which suggests that behavior can be effectively changed by reminders and nudges, sent frequently to form new habits.

Maximizing Impact with Artificial Intelligence

Through algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence, our system is built to send the right message to the right person, thereby maximizing our impacts on KPIs.

Our nudgebots are always learning. The algorithm searches for the messages that will generate the best results for each participant. The more users are reached by the nudgebot, the better the predictive model becomes.

Users’ status, interactions with our nudgebots, and clustered predictions for the relevant KPIs can be monitored via dashboards that display real-time data.

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We are currently active in Brazil, United States,
Dominican Republic, Germany, and Ivory Coast.