André Barrence

Member of the Advisory Board

Former Geekie Director for the public and social sectors, André currently teaches at the Public Leadership Center, and is the head of Google Campus, São Paulo.

Claudia Costin

Member of the Advisory Board

Claudia was the Secretary of State for Administrative Reform during of Fernando Henrique Cardoso’s government and former Global Director for education at the World Bank. She’s currently the Director at the Center of Excellence and Innovation in Education pPolicies at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV-Rio).

Fernando Lemos

Member of the Advisory Board

Microsoft's CTO in Brazil, has been working for over twenty years in innovation, technology, foresight, intra and entrepreneurship, operations and digital business solutions.

Laura Constantini

Member of the Advisory Board

Co-founder and partner of the technology venture capital company Astella Investimentos which, has been helping entrepreneurs create and develop their businesses since 2008.