We have just celebrated 8 incredible years full of discoveries and lessons. The time has come for us to take the next step and to harness all of our knowledge and skills.

We continue to work hard at making a difference in the lives of people, organizations and society, encouraging behavioral change through targeted technology, but now from the solid foundation of experience and a yearning to expand our knowledge even more. That is why we have decided to adopt a new mission, a new logo and a new name: Movva!

About us


Since 2012, we power simple and frequent communication to change behavior of those who matter the most. We help public and private sector organisations improve strategic indicators for improving learning and preventing default.


We were acknowledged by MIT Technology Review as the top social innovation led by under-35 Brazilian entrepreneurs. The following year, we kicked off our international operations with the Boston City Hall, and since then have been active across Central America, Europe, and Africa.


We closed our first funding round with UBS Optimus Foundation. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals, organizations and society, promoting behavioral change with the help of the right technology.


We change people’s behavior,
bringing improvements to organizations and,
consequently, society.


Movva is made possible by a team of incredibly talented individuals.